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Custom LiveJournal Image Community

For Banners, Userpics, Mood Themes, And More

Friends Only Banners and Custom Userpics
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This is a community in progress for sharing Friends Only Banners, Welcome Banners, Custom Userpics, Custom Mood Themes, and more. All material posted on this site is welcome to be shared so long as the following rules are followed:

1) No Hotlinking (if you see an image that you want, save it to your computer and upload it to your own image hosting site. Do not directly link to the image as it is posted in the community.)

2) Credit the Image Creator (for friends only and welcome banners, credit the livejournal user in the post that you create to display the banner. For Userpics, either credit in your keyword or in your user information page.)

3) No Harrassing Other Members. ***If you are harrassing other members of this community, you will be banned from posting here and reported to LiveJournal Abuse. It WILL NOT be tolerated. First offense and you are gone.

4) Do NOT Take Credit For Works That Are Not Your Own. Doing so is a violation of LiveJournal Terms of Service and will be reported if it is discovered. Its very simple to give someone credit, please make sure that you do so.

5) You Agree To Share Your Work. By posting an image in this community, you agree to share your work. If you do not want your images shared, please do not post them here.

Additionally--It is common courtesy to leave a comment when you are taking an image from the site so that the creator knows it is being shared.

IMPORTANT--When posting images to the community, please put all images under a lj-cut tag to save space on user friends pages. Also, please do not simply post links to images, use the image screening tag to post the image.

Also, if you have specific requests, please do not hesitate to post your requests here. All members are free to make requests as well as fill the requests. That is what this site is for.

Suggestions for the community may be made by e-mailing ljwelcome_banners@yahoo.com.